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Our Philosophy


Our philosophy at MEDIA 4 U is aptly depicted by our Tagline ‘Experience the Infinite’. With the advent of technology and greater connectivity, the world has become a smaller place. Opportunities for innovation are limitless and we believe in capitalising those opportunities. Limitless innovative approach can solve the problems with unparalleled efficiency and through such innovative problem-solving, we can ‘Experience the Infinite’.

Decades of rich experience, greater integration of the tools available and creative uses of the resources at hand can lead to infinite success. That’s what MEDIA 4 U strives for:
Our Infinite Passion for Your Infinite Success.



At MEDIA 4 U, we operate across different sectors and industries assisting businesses to ‘Experience the Infinite’ potential and possibilities. Based in Pune, MEDIA 4U offers comprehensive and strategic solutions that help businesses achieve their business goals.We provide a holistic range of services from Public Relations, Marketing, Sales, Distribution, Publication, Event Management to CSR Consulting.We have gained significant prominence with our work and we strive to give solutions to your business challenges.

MEDIA 4 U believes in integration and optimisation by presenting beyond standalone services and catering to the multi-faceted needs of our clients as they attempt to capture and capitalise their markets.

Our Founder

Our Founder

Avinash Gawai

An ‘Entrepreneur by Choice’, Avinash Gawai is one of the Country’s leading Public and Government Relations Professional. A young prodigy, Aninash has been working in the industry for the last 25 years. He has been a Public Relations Advisor to many Institutions and Celebrities.

He Mentors many upcoming Professionals and Entrepreneurs. He is also on the Syllabus Committee of many Accredited Universities of India aimed to device a curriculum that transforms students to employable professionals and industry ready.

He has been honored with multiple prestigious accolades by various recognition forums for his outstanding contribution to the Industry and Profession.

Our Services

Public Relations

We’re experts in strategic PR focusing on the client’s Reputation Management, Government Relations, procuring media attention for the client’s endeavours, managing Social Media and handling crisis. We seek media opportunities for our clients and leverage their image to gain cognizance in the media and the public.


Marketing is a multi-faceted business operation inclusive of multiple crucial decisions. We employ Research and Expertise to create efficient marketing opportunities in Online and Offline Marketing, Product or Service Positioning and Social Media Marketing.


We are an ISBN registered Publishing House, having expertise in Publishing of
Special Editions, Customised and the Academic Books. Additionally, we also provide Printing and Designing Services to our clientele. These services are offered depending on the specifications and needs of the client.

CSR Consulting

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) can be tricky to navigate and optimise, an organisation’s CSR activities should balance the interests of the business, the Government and the Society. MEDIA 4 U delivers optimal solutions to CSR challenges by devising programs and executing initiatives.


Sales is the frontline objective of any business. MEDIA 4 U has collated a mammoth network of its own sales channel partners that is expanding daily. Employing this efficient network will give any business the required edge to achieve their sales goal.


The success of any product or service relies in its availability and accessibility. Building distribution channels afresh can be a challenge for most businesses. MEDIA 4 U has developed a substantial pan-India network of distribution associates that can be easily employed.

Event Management

An industry worth billions of dollars, events are used by prominent brands to create experiences for their stakeholders and build a positive image.
Events are considered to be the most immersive content experience and at MEDIA 4U, we strive for innovative and optimal event solutions to provide notable experiences.

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